Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TMI Tuesday: January 3rd, 2012

First TMI Tuesday of the new year! Here we go...

1. Finish this sentence: In the New Year ___________.
In the New Year, I'm looking forward to many, many incredible experiences and encounters.

2. Do you make New Year's Resolutions? If yes, what are they for 2012?
Nope.  Absolutely not.  Any plans I had to improve in 2012 were started last week.  I used to look at that last week of December as a recovery/rest period before hitting the new year, but then came the realization that if I actually wanted to get it done, to actually achieve my goals, I had to get some MOMENTUM going. So any plans or goals I have for this year have already been rolling for a little while. Also feel like a resolution or promise to yourself will just hang over your head. Just get up and get the year rolling RIGHT!

3. What New Year's resolutions did you make last year?
See above.

4. Think of those resolutions, from last year. How did you do in keeping them?
Like I said, no resolutions, but I did pretty well on keeping to my goals.

5. What was your most memorable sexual happening/experience in 2011? 
Well, I was in Tibet, searching for the Yeti when out of nowhere... Haha, but seriously.

I was on top, her legs up over my shoulders. Shuddering and roaring, pumping the last of my seed into her sopping pussy as she gasped and encouraged, but instead of slowly coming down from the experience, I began kissing her again. Passionately, with energy and purpose. Before I knew it, my lips were at her throat, her breasts, down her stomach. She gave me a curious look, I gave a naughty glance, and my face was buried between her legs, eating up all the wetness from before as her nails dug into my curls. We kept at it until my second wind, where she knelt up against the wall so I could take her, hard, from behind. By the time we were done, we were exhausted and her sheets were covered with our sweat, but oh so very worth it.

Bonus: What was your most memorable experience (activity, event, etc.) in 2011? 
The amazing experiences I got to have on Maui this last summer were incredible and life-changing. In ten short days, I found friends who became close as family, and a deeper appreciation for life in general. Wouldn't have changed a thing.

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  1. I like your philsophy about resolutions. I tend not to make any; in general if I find something that needs fixing or accomplishing during the year I strive to do it as soon as it comes to my attention.

    Your answer to #5 is pretty exciting. Not the Yeti thing, necessarily; the other part. :)

  2. sexy lemon there!

    the yeti is real, i feel it in my bones


  3. "Incredible experiences and encounters." That sounds like what I was thinking last New Year's. Unfortunately, I think I took it a bit too far and lived to regret some of it! ;-)

  4. Great to have goals and meet them :)
    One is coming true for me this year.

    And I loved your most memorable moment, very hot!!

    ~Kazi xxx