Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TMI Tuesday: January 10th, 2012

"All about the wedding tackle, twig & berries, pole, fire hose, skin flute, dipstick, meat thermometer or what we all know as the penis."

1. What's more important- length or width? Why?
Honestly, the only thing a big penis really helps with is the psychological aspects of sex. From what I've read from a few other blogs (I obviously can't have an opinion on this!), a wider one makes her feel more "full."

Not going to lie, I hate the traditional obsession with penis size guys seem to typically exhibit. An obsession with penis size can lead to the view that sex is penetration, and that... that's just the wrong way to look at things! I mean, UGH! Humpf. Another post for another time...

2. Ever encountered one that was too big for you to handle?
Uh, nope, not really. lol

3. Best place to put a penis?
Oh wow, let's see... hands, mouth, cunt, the small of your back when I'm behind you running my hands up... Oh, sorry, what were we talking about?

4. If you had a penis for a day, what would you do with it?
Same sorta things I always do with it...?

Penis Envy: Largest penis in the animal kingdom is 11 feet (blue whale)

5. You're a penis, which love canal (that's a vagina) would you most like to visit:
a. short and shallow
b. fall into the gap, gliding smoothly along the slick walls
c. tight suction lip-lock
d. none, I prefer the back door thank you

Bonus: What is the perfect name for your penis or a penis you use often? 
Oh wow, I've never actually given my cock a name. Hey! Anybody out there want to name my cock?

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Saturday, January 7, 2012


Another post about a work out.  Well, that's not entirely true.  It's more like a post about what happened afterward.

This evening, I pushed myself.  Really pushed myself.  My body's not felt this exhausted--this destroyed-- since I don't know when.

And then, after the final reps, I trudged up to the bathroom for stretching and a shower.  As I moseyed by the bathroom mirror, I saw my reflection.

I stopped.

I walked up to myself, put my tired hands down on the counter, and looked him dead on in the face.

I opened my mouth, and he spoke.  For the sake of preserving the sanctity of this personal moment with myself, I'm not going to recount exactly what he said.  But I will try and paraphrase.

While I stared right into those Pacific Ocean-blue eyes, he said, "I love you."

And he smiled.

"I love you. No matter what you do, what mistakes you make, who you become, I will always love you. Always."

And the smile became, if possible, even more sincere.

Call me crazy, but I believe him.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Going Down

Okay.  I like to think I try my best to be an honest person. Why hide the truth if it's so plainly obvious?

*sigh* So.  Here it is.

Women, I love going down on you.

Perhaps it's the control; to send your body into seizures of pleasure or make you teeter on the very edge of release until you're begging for that one, hard push off the cliff. 

Maybe it's the way you react.  When I look up into your half-closed eyes from between your tense thighs.  When I moan.  When I, "Mmmmmmm..." When I tell you how fucking good you taste. When you realize how fucking much I'm enjoying you. 

And maybe this is weird, but it seems like it's always different.  How I go down on you always changes, and I don't even know until we get there.

Sometimes it's slow and purposeful.  You indulge me in taking the time to explore every inch of your flesh, every curve and bend.  When I finally reach your lips, you're wet and ready for the banquet, and your fingers twirl gently through my hair as my moist tongue and lips explore your entirety.

Other times, I'm a little fucker.  I tease you mercilessly. Tugging your soaked panties down only to pull them back up, my tongue delivering tormentingly soft licks through the fabric, my fingertips trailing up and down your thighs.  Then, when I finally relent, and I'm giving you just what you want, you gasp out, "I'm going to cum..." And I stop.  You groan and scowl down at me.  Then I start again, and the cycle repeats until your orgasm explodes and you nearly crush my head between your legs.

Then there are the times I'm no nonsense.  I want to taste you and feel you squirm underneath my lips.  Nearly tearing off your pants, not content to wait for you to get wet, I resolve to make you wet.  My desire, the focused passion drives you over the edge before you know it, nails digging into my scalp, your breasts, the wall, wherever they can find purchase to steady you in the storm as your hips involuntarily buck upon my face.

And there are so many other variations.

So, yes.  I admit it.

Women, I do love to go down on you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

TMI Tuesday: January 3rd, 2012

First TMI Tuesday of the new year! Here we go...

1. Finish this sentence: In the New Year ___________.
In the New Year, I'm looking forward to many, many incredible experiences and encounters.

2. Do you make New Year's Resolutions? If yes, what are they for 2012?
Nope.  Absolutely not.  Any plans I had to improve in 2012 were started last week.  I used to look at that last week of December as a recovery/rest period before hitting the new year, but then came the realization that if I actually wanted to get it done, to actually achieve my goals, I had to get some MOMENTUM going. So any plans or goals I have for this year have already been rolling for a little while. Also feel like a resolution or promise to yourself will just hang over your head. Just get up and get the year rolling RIGHT!

3. What New Year's resolutions did you make last year?
See above.

4. Think of those resolutions, from last year. How did you do in keeping them?
Like I said, no resolutions, but I did pretty well on keeping to my goals.

5. What was your most memorable sexual happening/experience in 2011? 
Well, I was in Tibet, searching for the Yeti when out of nowhere... Haha, but seriously.

I was on top, her legs up over my shoulders. Shuddering and roaring, pumping the last of my seed into her sopping pussy as she gasped and encouraged, but instead of slowly coming down from the experience, I began kissing her again. Passionately, with energy and purpose. Before I knew it, my lips were at her throat, her breasts, down her stomach. She gave me a curious look, I gave a naughty glance, and my face was buried between her legs, eating up all the wetness from before as her nails dug into my curls. We kept at it until my second wind, where she knelt up against the wall so I could take her, hard, from behind. By the time we were done, we were exhausted and her sheets were covered with our sweat, but oh so very worth it.

Bonus: What was your most memorable experience (activity, event, etc.) in 2011? 
The amazing experiences I got to have on Maui this last summer were incredible and life-changing. In ten short days, I found friends who became close as family, and a deeper appreciation for life in general. Wouldn't have changed a thing.

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Monday, January 2, 2012


Just have to vent this out. One of those awesome self-empowering moments, the likes of which I'm sure you've many of you have had before.

Was nearing the end of my workout today, and just wasn't feeling it when I reached that last exercise. I was tired, sweaty, and hot, and dammit I just didn't feel like doing it.

But fuck it. Pushed myself to do it anyway. Someone out there was forcing themselves to keep going, and there was no way I was going to quit out.

Bottom line, finished it, and feel stronger (mentally, not just physically) because of it.

Momentum and habit are some of the strongest tools we have as human beings, especially when they're harnessed for the betterment of ourselves or others.  It'll take time to build up enough momentum or for a habit to become natural, but when they do there's no stopping you. 

On a final note, don't neglect to do those PC exercises. They'll improve your overall health (not to mention the pleasure for you and your partner).