Friday, November 4, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday 11-4-2011 "Screwing Around"

"See, if I do this..."

"Oh! I get it now. That's funny!"

"Doesn't it look real? Like we're actually balancing the TV on her heels?"

"So lifelike...dude! You should add some beers!"

"Yes! Where? Like... here?"

"Ha! Perfect! All ready for game day!"

"See, told you Photoshop could be fun."


They turned from the computer screen at her clearing her throat. "I'd hate to ruin your bonding time, but how long are you going to keep me like this...?"

One of them stood from the chair as the other began sauntering over, grabbing a cloth from the table.

"Now, now," the first one chided, tying the cloth across her mouth, "we said no talking."

The other reached out and purposefully ran a finger along her sopping wet slit. She shuddered against the tightened ropes.

"You'll be like this for a little while yet..."
Challenge this week was between 75-125 words, with the required phrase "... so lifelike..." Check out PB's blog for more info.

The picture for the prompt was just too ridiculous, so this is a ridiculous piece. Kinda rushed this one...

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