Thursday, October 27, 2011

FFF, October 27, 2011 "This is Halloween"

There was a witch, and a bride. A gypsy, and the standard mummy.

Each, one after the other, posed and still against each solemn pillar, waiting.

Then, he saw her. 

The gentle curve of her stomach caught his gaze, the way the corset folded over her, cupping each pale breast, fleshy nipples standing out against the unceasing October air. 

And then he smiled. 

A very deep, hard, tenebrous smile Jack rarely gave. 

And she, the vampiress, trembled with excited anticipation, for she knew, already, that this night she would belong to the Pumpkin King. 

Challenge this week was between 80-100 words, along with the required word "...tenebrous..." (straight from H.P. Lovecraft!). 

Been a while since I've done a FFF, and looking forward to getting back into it! I'm thinking the inspiration for this take is too obvious. I love Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" too much...


  1. How unexpected that she is the sub! Nicely played!

  2. beautifully done! a Pumpkin King challenge...and well played use of the word.


  3. I love the last line. Amusing and yet vaguely sinister. Perfect for Halloween :)

  4. i like the harem spin...and i'm glad that i'm not the only one who has inappropriate fantasies about Jack Skellington! Very nice!

  5. The Pumpkin King brings to mind a benign character... surprise!

  6. This is Halloween, indeed! Enjoyed your take on the photo.