Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Hunt

Blindfold me.

Go and hide.

Let me search for you.  I'll hunt you with touch, by listening for the sound of your breath and movements.

I will stalk you like a predator.  When I find you, try to escape.  Pull, tug away, grunt, break free and run again.  It'll be easier to find you the second time, with your breaths more labored and my adrenaline burning like fire in the veins.  Keep fighting and eluding.

You won't be able to escape when you're backed into a corner.  I'll grab you, and you'll still struggle as I spin you around and run myself between the perky cheeks of your ass.  My fingers will twine through your hair, pulling your head back, letting you know that I've got you, you're captured, you're mine.

Your body will betray you.  I'll reach down and feel your rich moister running down your thighs.  You'll moan even as you struggle against me.

Your hands will be pinned, hard, above your head.  There's no running now.  You were my prey.  Now, you're my feast, to be devoured and ravished.

I'll be posed at your entrance.  I'll take a moment to listen to your quickening breath and feel the tension in your body.

Then, my hips will drive purposefully forward...

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