Wednesday, March 14, 2012

With Your Ghost

[Author's Note: A little bit of an angst warning with this one.]

I'm with your ghost again today.

It really is the first time in a while, too.  I'd hate to say that you're plaguing my mind, because this missing what we had is just so beautiful.

It's that craving, you know?

It's more than just missing today, it's desire.  A great, healthy, hearty dose of desire and longing.

Longing to be perched behind you on my knees, watching your hands clench and head drop as you absorb that first stroke.

Longing to have your legs crossed round my head as my tongue makes you lose your breath and drop your barriers.

Longing to see the animalistic determination in your olive eyes as I groan into your ear, "I'm going to cum..."


I'm with your ghost again today. Oh well.


  1. Love how you put the ghost and longing together.. Creative and erotic ....

  2. Very sensual and erotic. I'm sorry you are aching for your "ghost".

    Fondly, Sky