Friday, August 5, 2011

FFF, August 5th, 2011: Not a Sound

The challenge for this week was to use the picture below to write a short fiction between 80-160 words. Additionally, a key phrase was provided that needed to be included in the submission: "... strangled cry..."

To see who else is playing, and to find out how you can play too, just check out PB's blog. Thanks for reading!

As his cock filled her, as his desired bucked her, as his lust dominated her, his words continued to thump in her head:

"Don't make a sound."

And so she hadn't, but fuck... she hadn't realized how hard it'd be. She'd never imagined how much it'd turn her on, people changing in the dressing rooms around them, unaware to the powerful ravishing she was receiving next door.

Then, she felt it. Felt him. He was tensing. Driving himself harder, faster, and she knew. He was close.

Her mouth hanging open, the strangled cry shot through her head. Yes! she thought, Fuck yeah! Cum in me! Fill me up! Fucking claim me!

Abruptly, in a swift motion, he pulled out from her. She suddenly felt empty, her longing and heat dripping, unquenched.

He pushed past her, adjusting pants and belt, zipping the fly, and remarking, "There's another department store a half a block down. There, in the dressing room. Ten minutes."


  1. The beginning of such a fun little game! I love it. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Cheater ;) Actually, this was great because the way you wrote made me feel the same sense of interruption as I'm sure she felt, which then was tweaked by his parting instructions. I want to meet up with them in ten minutes, I really do ;)

  3. OMG! If it were me, I'd be in the dressing room in 5 minutes. LOL! Enjoyed your story.

  4. Oh wow! What a way to intensify the whole experience. I think this one has to be my favorite!

  5. You are such a teaser, Soren! And your story is incredibly hot!

  6. Perfect how you had him pull out just as I was expecting a climax.
    Very nice!

  7. This is great. Good rhythm and pacing and a lovely ending. Fantastic story thank you!

  8. What? All that risk and she didn't get to cum.

    Maybe in the next dressing room, at a new dept. store...LOL